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Ted Nugent: Multiculturalism leads to death and destruction.

The Washington Times seems to be turning a new leaf. They just published this column by Ted Nugent.

From Washington Times…

Europeans are finally awakening from their self-imposed Rumpelstiltskin deep slumber to discover that multiculturalism is actually cultural rot and is ripping their countries apart.

From the United Kingdom to France to Spain to Germany, leaders or former leaders have decried multiculturalism as a poisonous experiment for their nations.

What’s next – is Europe going to rediscover that the Earth is not flat?

You have to wonder how these leaders ever could have signed on to encouraging Muslims to lead separate lives and not to assimilate in the first place. Pardon me, but even a venison-fueled guitar slayer knows that playing politically correct games always leads to death, destruction and decay.

The brain-dead politically correct facade of multiculturalism was primarily for the benefit of Muslims, and you know it. European leaders were scared to be labeled as intolerant religious bigots by Muslims. Their fear was misplaced. They should have been vociferously condemning Muslims who wanted to be treated separately.

Instead of condemning Muslim extremists, Europe instead condemned a Danish cartoonist who poked fun at Muhammad – free speech be damned. The German government censured an author for writing a popular book that claimed Muslim immigrants were lowering the intelligence of Germany. Not to be outdone by the Europeans, the American media implied that those Americans who protested the proposed placement of a mosque in downtown Manhattan were bigoted and anti-Muslim.