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Time Magazine: Meet the Jewish/Black Skull and Bones.

In the eyes of Time magazine, the greatest sin of the Skull & Bones is not being “inclusive.” Not the usual objecti0ns to Skull & Bones for their elitism and secrecy. The left-wing media glosses over that and calls them “racists” for not having more black members. This mimics the left-wing Hollywood movie “Skulls.” Based on Yale’s Skull & Bones society, the most grievous sin of the organization is not their elitism, but their “racism.”

From Time Magazine…

Meet Eliezer, the secret Yale society that’s hiding in plain sight. The “secret” lies in the private networking and intimate bonding among a cohesive, self selecting, truly diverse membership. A list of who belongs to Eliezer exists but the contents are strictly off-the-record. Everything is word of mouth and invite-only, not to exclude but to include the most interesting Yalies from over the walls of Yale’s various courtyards: college, graduate schools, and faculty.

Founded in the fall of 1996 by Rabbi Shmully Hecht, Ben Karp, Cory Booker and Michael Alexander as an intellectual salon and Jewish leadership society, what started out as a social club for would-be and already-are leaders of the Yale community has blossomed into an organization recognized the world over, yet with a decidedly secular twist. “There was no question that Eliezer was a Jewish association,” says New York Times critic-a-large Edward Rothstein, a member of the society, “but also no question that along with its elements of religious observance and allusion, the aura was non-sectarian intellectual.”

As time passed, the club that was founded by three Jews (one half African-American) and an African-American Baptist (Cory Booker, who was a Yale law student then and is now the mayor of Newark, N.J.) to be a place that would serve as a traditional Shabbat table for the most interesting Jews on campus has morphed into shevet achim gam yachad, a place for brothers to dwell peacefully together. Brothers and sisters, that is. Bones may have become more inclusive over the centuries, but Eliezer began as such, and for good reason.

The society was originally founded as a thumb-in-the-eye to Yale history — Jews, blacks, Muslims, women and gays were prohibited from joining the traditional secret societies. This secret society, however, would include everyone, so long as you were a promising Yale-affiliated leader of tomorrow.

The meetings, which occur on Friday nights and with about 20-to-60 people in attendance, have attracted some of the most influential speakers in the world. The speakers aren’t paid to appear, nor are they recorded, and no media is present. It’s a truly free-flowing environment, and world leaders clear their schedules to come to Shabbat dinner. Past speakers have included: former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, Senator Joe Lieberman, comedian Charles Grodin, actor Elliott Gould, Muslim activists Tarek Fatah and Mona Eltahawy, Chief Justice Of Israel Aharon Barak, Nation columnist Eric Alterman, talk show host Jerry Springer, and the list goes on and on.

Famous members of the Skull & Bones include three generations of the Bush family, Prescot Bush, George H.W. Bush, and George W. Bush. Also Senator John Kerry, CIA founder Henry Stimson, President William Taft, and countless others who have held major positions in the US government.