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Toledo Blade runs fake "news story" on book by Kyle Bristow.

(From the desk of the webmaster.)

Recently, the Toledo Blade ran an attack piece about the author of a book advertised on this site– White Apocalypse by Kyle Bristow. The author starts out with a completely fictional claim. The article is classified as a “local news” story and not an opinion piece.

If the Toledo Blade had put this in the opinion section, it could be considered a crude and heavily one-sided opinion piece. To put this in the “Local News” section of the paper is outright deception.

The article appears to have been written in conjunction with the Southern Poverty Law Center. The SPLC is a radical left-wing fundraising hustle with serious ethical problems. The SPLC has been denounced as a sham by leading publications on both the right and the left. It has some of the highest paid executives of any non-profit in the nation. The Center’s founder lives in a gated palace that resembles something a Saudi Prince would own.

From Toledo Blade…

Mr. Bristow’s thriller, White Apocalypse, is set in northwest Ohio. He says it was inspired by his research into the Solutrean Hypothesis — a fringe theory of archaeology that suggests European settlers crossed a frozen Atlantic Ocean and beat the ancestors of present-day Native Americans by several thousand years.

Not only is this statement completely false, but the author includes a quote from Dennis Stanford, the curator of the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History, stating that evidence of early Caucasians does exist. According to the Toledo Blade “article,” that would make Dennis Stanford a “fringe” scientist.

The Blade also claims that only “a small minority” of researchers believe Caucasians set foot in North American thousands of years ago. What researchers? The author doesn’t identify what people he is supposedly talking about. The only “researcher” he interviews is Dr. Stanford who says Caucasians did step foot in North America thousands of years ago. Where are all the “researchers” who deny this?

Apparently National Geographic is a “fringe science” operation as a well. They spent a great deal of money on a documentary supporting the subject matter of  White Apocalypse.

[youtube NTt37IXrZBI]

Chalk up The Learning Channel and the Discovery Channel as more sources of “fringe science.” Both networks produced documentaries on Kennewick Man. The documentaries cover parts of the legal battles carried out by an American Indian tribe and left-wing whites in the Clinton administration to halt scientific examination of the skeleton. Based on radiocarbon dating, Kennewick Man is the oldest skeleton ever found in North America. He is a Caucasian found in Kennewick, Washington. Kennewick Man is part of a different migration than ancient Caucasians who reached the eastern coast of North America. However, the legal battle over Kennewick Man is a large part of the inspiration for White Apocalypse.

The position held by the Clinton administration on Kennewick Man shocked the American anthropology community. They held that tribal mythology took precedent over facts gained from forensic science.The scientific community received a second shock when the Clinton administration ordered the destruction of the Kennewick Man site by the Army Corps of Engineers so no further evidence could be collected from it.

[youtube gnVNhOkwsGg]

So what are we up to now? The Smithsonian, National Geographic, The Learning Channel, and the Discovery Channel; all “fringe science” according to the Toledo Blade. Apparently, “fringe science” means science that left-wing whites don’t like.

Dr. Dennis Stanford. the curator of the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History, on ancient Caucasians in what is now the Eastern United States.

[youtube yX8qcvTn53U]