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UCLA student vilified in national press for complaining about "rude Asians."

A female UCLA student has been branded a “racist” by the media and bombarded with obscene phone calls and death threats. Her class schedule has even been posted online.

The student made a YouTube video where she complains about “rude Asians” in the library. She says that Asian students need to be more considerate of others. The video has been viewed by millions of people and sparked dozens of video rebuttals, mostly tirades against white people, by young Asians.

In a crude opinion piece classified as “national news” the New York Daily Times calls the student a “racist” and agitates to get her kicked out of school. The newspaper quotes professional Asian race hustlers denouncing the girl. However there is no mention of the dozens of Asians who posted their own tirades against white people.

The message sent in this phony “news” piece from the New York Daily News is that any white person who says anything remotely negative about a non-white will be branded a “racist” and hounded until their life is ruined.

Even “conservative” Fox News joined in and denounced the student simply for expressing an opinion.

[youtube Kn60kemUreQ]