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UCLA's extreme left-wing Chancellor.

We reported earlier how the radical left-wing Chancellor of UCLA, Glen Block, aggressively denounced a white female student for expressing an opinion about Asian manners in the school’s library.

Block felt it necessary to denounce a white female student, but has allowed Muslims to hold pro-Sharia law and anti-Israel rallies on campus. Block, who is Jewish himself, urged “calm” not condemnation when participants chanted “f%^& ck Israel” and “Zionists are Nazis” at a rally by the Universities own Center for Near East Studies.

In other words, non-whites can publicly express hatred for anyone they want with impunity. However a white student can not even express a simple opinion about anyone else who is non-white.

Block videotaped this denunciation of the white female student to post on youtube.

[youtube 6feGp0GQVJ8]