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White populations are declining across US.

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by Dr. Sean Murphy

As the census numbers have been coming in, I’ve been looking a little bit at state population trends since 1970.  One thing that strikes me is that when you look at the white population, several states are on a continuous losing streak.

For example – New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Illinois combined have lost 6 million whites in the last 40 years.

I believe every state saw an increase in the white population during the 1960s. But since 1970, you cannot make that statement about any decade since.

Mostly, the states losing whites are in the rust belt, and those gaining whites are in the sun belt.  That is nothing new.  But I wonder to what extent these population changes result in a state being “red” or “blue” politically.

Here’s my big question though:  do you think that politicians in these states losing population are pushing for more immigration
in order to prop up their state populations?  In other words, as they see whites leave, rather than encouraging whites to
return or stay (which would be politically destructive), they look to immigration as a way to replace the departing white people?
The purpose of a census is to reapportion Congress.  If a state did nothing and just watched its population fall as the whites leave,
they will lose Representatives in Congress, and they would lose electoral votes in every Presidential election.  Thus, each state
is in competition to maintain a high population relative to others.

A zero immigration policy would, in the short term, result in those northern states losing some clout.  But, maybe it would eventually
encourage them to reach out and market themselves to a whiter clientele, such as retirees.

I don’t mean to oversimplify the issue:
Not all northern states are seeing a white decline, and liberal/pro-immigration forces can easily be found in places where whites flock to such as Oregon.

BTW – more comments about the numbers:

I looked at California again, and the result is even more extreme than I first thought.  There were more whites there in 1970 than today.
I quickly looked at county results in California.  Santa Clara county, the home of Silicon Valley, today is only 35% white, and they lost about
15% of their white population in the last 10 years.  There were only 2 counties that saw a significant increase in white population.  Placer county, just north of Sacramento, was one.  The other was Riverside county, a booming area far east of LA.  Unfortunately this area is also a huge magnet for immigrants, so we should not think of it as any kind of white oasis within California. Being landlocked and mostly desert (think of Palm Springs), it probably is attracting people who can no longer afford to live in nicer parts of southern California.

During 2000-2010, so large was California’s white decline, that California’s 3 neighboring states saw a white population increase less than California’s white decline.

On the other hand, North Carolina’s white increase over the last 40 years has been fairly consistent at around 600,000 per decade.  A few other states, such as Georgia, Utah, Tennessee (and presumably South Carolina, but no data yet) are also doing well under the circumstances.