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Yet another monument defaced.

Remember the 16 year old kid who said “all black people please leave the store” over a  Walmart loud speaker? That was turned into a major nationwide news story. Local police went all out to find the perpetrator. Or how about the “racist cotton balls.” A pair of white college students were transformed into “hate criminals'” for littering in front of a building housing the Universities “Black Student Union.”

Meanwhile, white people are bullied, harassed, and assaulted over being white every day in every city in America. A growing trend appears to be targeting of monuments celebrating famous white people.

Of course, when this happens it is a tiny local news story.

From Augusta Chronicle…

The Richmond County Sheriff’s Office has responded, and witnesses at the scene in the 700 block of Broad told a Chronicle reporter they noticed someone spray painting the landmark at about 8:30 p.m.

Messages were marked in black and include the words black power, I hate whites and cracker killers as well as an obscenity against whites in large letters.