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Another black male / white female murder duo.

Whenever a white female is in the news for murder, particularly when she is a female accomplice to a really horrific murder, the chances of a black male being involved are astronomical. Over and over again we she that white females involved with murders, are dating black men.

White women who date black men are at over 15 times more likely to be exposed to HIV/AIDS per sex partner. Black men are also nine times more likely to beat and/or murder a girlfriend than white men. One study we have discussed on in the past shows that when a black man marries a white woman, he is even more likely to beat or murder her than if she had been black. The study suggested that white women are twelve times more likely to be murdered by their spouse if they marry a black man.

The astronomical disadvantages of miscegenation do not end there. There is also the phenomenon that white women involved with black men are also very commonly victims of violence and murder at the hands of jealous black women.

Further we she that when a woman woman is the news as an accomplice to a dastardly crime, her male counterpart is a black man. This is not to say that black men necessarily turn white women into criminals. White women who are sociopaths to begin with probably gravitate to black men on their own. Black men, with their own colossal crime rates, simply bring out the worst in these women.

Yet miscegenation is glorified constantly on television and by the music industry. Young white female teens are taught that dating a black man is “cool” and “trendy.” Never are they told that they will immediately place themselves in the absolute highest risk categories for contracting HIV/AIDS, being abused, or murdered. Only the CofCC seems interested in telling people the truth.