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Black Panthers announce Egyptian style "showdown."

The militant armed black Muslim group, New Black Panther Party(NBPP), is calling for a 60 city “showdown.” The group preaches a screwball version of Islam that teaches white people were created by an evil wizard. They say Allah will “burn America with fire,” and whites will soon be exterminated in the US.

“The center of the revolution,” as the NBPP calls it, will be in Harlem and led by militant anti-white NYC city council member Charles Barron and NBPP leader Malik Shabazz.

Members of the NBPP who used paramilitary uniforms and billy clubs to intimidate white voters in the past election will be guests of honor at the Harlem demonstration.


Like in Tahir square in Egypt we will establish this historic location for our revolution and our demands. Over 1,000 are expected in this historic outdoor political rally.

Come to our News conference on Tue April 19th at 1pm on 7th Ave and 125th street

As in other revolutions, protests and uprisings going on around the earth, a showdown is looming for Saturday April 23rd as marchers with the ”National International Day of Action and Unity” are furious and frustrated with New York officials blatant discrimination and denial of their constitutional and human right to rally and march. Marchers are marching and rallying in 60 cities around America and in London and Africa to demand justice for Black People and improvement in our conditions.

On 4-23 We will be Rallying at the Adam Clayton Powell building and Marching Down 125th street. On April 23rd, whether we have to do it with or without a permit, face jail or take whatever action is necessary to relieve oppressive conditions against Blacks in New York and around the planet.

This news conference will be attended by Brooklyn City Councilman Charles Barron, March co-organizer, New Black Panther Leader, Attorney Malik Zulu Shabazz, community supporters and leaders and of course members of the New Black Panther Party, who have been the subject of major national controversy surrounding the Dismissal of Voter Intimidation Charges by the United States Department of Justice.

This is Khallid Muhammed. He is the late founder and original leader of the NBPP. He was closely connected to Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, US Rep Keith Ellison, and former US Rep Cynthia McKinney. In this video he discusses what he wants to do with white people.

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Advertisement on youtube for Egyptian style “showdown” starting April 23rd, 2011

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