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Black people only like Obama because he is black.

Pew Research and Gallup have published new approval ratings for Obama. While they are claiming “Obama slips among African Americans,” the fact is the overwhelming majority of blacks still like him.

85% of blacks say they approve of the job Obama is doing.

Only 54% of Hispanics and 39% of whites approve of Obama.

Obama appears more concerned with maintaining his black support than rebuilding white and Hispanic support. While the nation watched fierce debating over the Federal budget, Obama slipped away to campaign with militant race hustler Al Sharpton.

As we saw in the Alvin Greene fiasco, black voters are far away the most tribal. Choosing an unemployed, mentally retarded black man who was facing felony charges over a vastly better qualified white former Judge in a South Carolina Democrat primary for US Senate. Then continuing to throw the majority of their support to him in the general election despite multiple alternatives.