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Blacks made up majority of all serial killers last decade!

The media keeps perpetrating the myth that “most serial killers are white.” This mantra is meant to offset the glaring fact that black people are 9 times more likely to commit murder than white people in general.

Remember black people only account for 13% of the US population but commit 59% of all felony murders and non-felony manslaughters in the country between 1976-2005.

Rise of the Black Serial Killer…

Americans have had a curious fascination with serial killers, since the days Jack the Ripper prowled the streets of London. Their stories have been told in countless books, portrayed in the cinema and told as spooky campfire stories to wide-eyed youths. As did the tales of vampires and ghouls in the middle ages, serial killers have haunted our dreams and kept us looking over our shoulder hoping we’re not one of their next victims.

Most people are familiar with how the story goes. Intelligent middle class white loner, abused as a youth, a bed-wetter until puberty with a morbid fascination of torturing animals as a teen, snaps and begins killing people as an adult. The names and stories of Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Robert Lee Yates and dozens of others fit this description and seem make this idea credible. Turn on the television or read a fiction book about serial killers and this is the idea portrayed, in nearly every instance, serial killers are always white. But is this always correct? The answer is resoundingly, no!

In 2002 a scene in Washington D.C. and surrounding areas played out over a three week period, as the Beltway Sniper kept the nation on it’s toes. In initial reports, authorities were on the lookout for a white male in his mid-thirties, possibly driving a white mini-van. FBI profilers and sketch artists told the masses what this white killer possibly looked like, and what behavior this individual exhibited. Area citizens were on the lookout for anyone fitting this description, as dozens that fit were interviewed. The nation did a double take once the captured killer, with gun in hand turned out to be a Black Muslim that went by the name John Allen Muhammad.

Soon following every black commentator that could be found was on the news media, showing their dismay at the thought of a black killer. Articles written at the time by black psychologists and commentators are telling of the mindset of most Americans, about the general perception of blacks being serial killers.

Prolific Black Serial Killers (The number only counts the victims they were convicted of killing.)

• 44 Jake Bird
• 34 Brandon Tholmer
• 30 Loving Mitchell
John Floyd Thomas
• 23 Wayne Williams
• 17 Maury Troy Travis
• 16 John Muhammad & Lee Boyd Malvo
• 15 Richard Jameswhite
Fred Glover
O’Delle, Pearl, & Peyton Jackson
John Reed
• 14 Vincent Groves
Jesse Lee Cooks
Larry Green
Hulon Mitchell
Franklin Lynch
Manuel Moore
J.C.X. Simon
Clarence Walker
• 13 Sydney Jones
Lorenzo Gilyard
Cleamon Demone Johnson
Chester Dewayne Turner
• 12 Nathaniel Burse
Michael Clark
Elton Manning Jackson
Garland Jackson
Edward Moran
Eddie Lee Mosley
Darrell Patry
Kody Scott
Donald & Reuben Taylor
Coral Eugene Watts
Robert Wilson