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BOMBSHELL! Obama claimed Kenya as his "home" in 2006!!!!

Prior to his presidential run it was widely reported in both the African and European media that Obama was ‘born in Kenya.” His Kenyan grandmother told reporters she witnessed his birth in Mambosa, Kenya. During his 2004 US Senate debate with Alan Keyes, he acknowledged having a Kenyan birth.

Now hear the recording Obama has been hiding for the past few years. While visiting Kenya to campaign for his radical Islamic warlord uncle, he declares that he is “back home.”

[youtube 87pXa2pK6sg]

Let’s review. Obama was born in an unknown location. He claims Hawaii, but refuses to release his birth certificate. His polygamist Kenyan father abandoned him at birth. He was legally adopted by an Indonesian and under Indonesian law became an Indonesian citizen and not a US citizen. He attended an Islamic school in Indonesia. As a pre-teen he moved to Hawaii to live with his white grandparents.

The Hawaiian based radical black power activist, Communist Party member, and self-acknowledged pedophile Frank Davis took Obama under his wing. Obama calls Frank Davis his “mentor” in his autobiography. Davis encourages Obama to play up his African ancestry to get into politics. Obama ceased using his legal name of Soetoro, and started using Obama instead. Obama created a fantasy version of his habitually drunk father who abandoned him. He has played up his “African” ancestry ever since. He never even mentions the Indonesian man who legally adopted and raised him.

Indonesian records list Obama as Barry Soetoro, a Muslim, and citizen of Indonesia.

Obama was still using an Indonesian passport and calling himself an Indonesian citizen while in college. Obama was caught red handed lying about this during the election. However, the “mainstream” media protected Obama by censoring this.

The birth certificate issue had been mostly forgotten until the Council of Conservative Citizens and the Political Cesspool radio show exploded the issue back into the public eye at our 2010 National CofCC Conference in Nashville, TN.

[youtube X9fdsz1iqEE]