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British city celebrates race riot as "Black Culture."

Lambeth, UK politicians to black residents: be proud of your violent race riot!

From BNP…

Today, Lambeth councillors will celebrate the black Brixton race riots of 1981, rebranding them as the “Brixton Uprising” and recording them in the “Black Cultural Archive”.

Despite huge budget cuts, the Labour-run council will spend thousands of pounds on the “celebration”, which marks the 30th anniversary of the riots that left 279 police officers in hospital.

The event will feature “special guests” such as the Jamaican “dub poet” Linton Kwesi Johnson, whose “works” include a poem called “Inglan Is a Bitch”.

It will take place in “Windrush Square”, formerly the Brixton Oval, which was renamed after the Empire Windrush, the ship that brought the first wave of third world colonisation into Britain in 1948.

The event “commemorates” the three days of Brixton rioting that took place over 10th, 11th and 12th April in 1981, when thousands of rioters injured 279 policemen and 45 members of the public, burned 28 shops and looted 118, burned 120 cars and assaulted paramedics and firemen.

Rioters also held a white family hostage in their house while robbing them, and raped another woman in her home. The cost of the destruction caused was estimated to be £7.5 million.

The riots began after black youths surrounded two policemen who were trying to help a stab victim, claiming the officers weren’t doing enough to help the man, despite the policemen having called an ambulance for him.

False reports of the man’s death circulated throughout the streets, and the rioting reached its peak the following night.

Before the end of the year, further race riots took place in Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester and Birmingham. The events of 1981 were followed by numerous other race riots across Britain, including two more in Brixton, in 1985 and 1995.