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CofCC defeats attack on Confederate Memorial Day in Mississippi.

From CofCC Field Director Bill Lord:

State Rep. Eale Banks, D-Jackson, proposed a “Civil Rights Memorial Day” that would be placed on top of “Confederate Memorial Day.”

This was included in an amendment that was added to an existing House bill on state employee holiday pay without warning and passed.

The Mississippi CofCC immediately recognized that the true purpose of the legislation was to wipe out Confederate Memorial Day. By placing a black holiday on top of the existing state holiday, the media would gleefully report the black holiday every year and censor all mention of Confederate Memorial Day. The same thing happened with Robert E. Lee Day in Mississippi, when Martin Luther King Day was added to it.

A petition was immediately drawn up and mailed to MS CofCC and SCV leaders in the states. In only two weeks, thousands of signatures were collected. Enough phone calls were made to state Senators that the Senate version was killed in committee!

If black legislators want a “Civil Rights Day,” they can add it to Martin Luther King Day. Leave the last remaining state holiday to honor our Southern Patriots and forefathers alone.