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Did OJ style jury aquit black man in feces attack?

Photo From KOMO News.

A 69 year old black man allegedly lured a white female victim out of her apartment at a public housing project and then threw a bucket of his own feces, urine, and vomit on her. The man has a previous conviction for domestic violence.

The victim lives in a South Seattle Public Housing Project where most of the residents are black.

When police arrived, they found a traumatized victim and a disgusting trail of the substances leading back to the alleged perpetrators’ front door. The alleged perpetrator also had a history of harassing the woman. The liberal Seattle press has been censoring the fact that the alleged perp is black, and no information on the racial makeup of the jury is being given out either.

Now, in what seemed like a slam dunk case, a jury has returned a “not guilty” verdict.

Seattle websites are buzzing with people outraged over the verdict. However few even know about the racial angle, since the media has done such a good job censoring information.