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France and Italy prepare to slam the border shut.

Europe has reached its boiling point. Massive third world immigration has overwhelmed southern and western Europe with crime, welfare dependency, constant race riots, Islamic terrorism, and the rapid deterioration of large metropolitan areas.

France and Italy are preparing to defy EU mandates and slam their borders shut.

France has been defying EU rules already by diverting illegal aliens to Italy. Then Italy retaliated by “legally” putting Tunisians on trains for France. The French blocked the trains again with riot police, even though Italy had the right to do so under EU immigration rules, since the illegal aliens had been given temporary visas.

France now says they will openly suspend the EU’s open border policy and block all illegal aliens. Italy is suspected to follow suit.

The EU’s open border policy, known as the Schengen Agreement, is intended to allow EU citizens to move from country to country. However it makes it incredibly easy for illegal aliens to flood Europe.