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Surprise! Sarkozy runs to the right-wing ahead of re-election.

Sarkozy was a moderate cabinet member who ran for president of France as a right-winger. He adopted much of the platform of Le Pen and pledged to stop immigration and deport immigrant criminals. Once elected he ruled as a leftist who preached affirmative action and even advocated miscegenation. Now, ahead of his re-election campaign, he is trying to re-invent himself as anti-immigration and has taken moves to seal the borders against illegal aliens.

Meanwhile Italy is being bombarded with illegal alien boat people, due in part to the Sarkozy/Obama war against Gaddafi. Before that Gaddafi had dramatically halted the flow of illegal aliens as part of a business deal with Italy. He also repatriated illegals aliens back to Africa for the Italians.

Tens of thousands of boat people have landed in Italy, and the EU is pressuring Italy to let them stay. Meanwhile, Sarkozy has sealed his own borders and is using riot police to keep illegal aliens out. Illegal aliens that are blocked entry into France turn around and land of Italy’s island and demand entry there.

Italian Parliament member Alessandra Mussolini lashed out at the wife of French President Sarkozy, mocking the pious left-wing socialite over her husbands’ new found desire to keep illegals out. Mussolini told French first lady Carla Bruni, who is extremely wealthy, to “let them stay at your Chateau!”

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