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Italy retaliates over France's diverting of illegal aliens.

As we have reported earlier, France’s war for Libyan oil has sent a tidal wave of illegal alien boat people heading for Southern Europe. Gaddafi had dramatically reduced the flow of illegals leaving north Africa over the past two years. The new war carried out by Sarkozy and Obama has re-opened the flood gates.

The bulk of the African boat people are landing on Italian shores. Some, however, are landing on France’s Mediterranean shore. Many of these people are being diverted to Italy by the French coast guard and riot police.

Now Italy is trying to retaliate by sending illegal immigrants to France via train. France halted Italian trains at the border with riot police. The trains were full of illegal aliens from Tunisia who allege that they have family in France. Under the EU law, it is perfectly legal for Italy to send the aliens to France because they were given proper paperwork for travel.

The government of France claimed that the trains were full of “activists.”

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