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Mass murder uncovered in Ivory Coast.

The giant African hell hole.
by Kyle Rogers

Photo Left: Harare, Zimbabwe.

Obama’s claim that he is leading us into war in Libya to protect civilians and not for business interests is transparently disingenuous. In a list of the most brutal, murderous regimes in Africa, Libya would not even make the top ten.

Every day news of another horrific event in sub-Saharan Africa can be found.

Democratic elections however, have not stopped the violence. International aid workers have recently discovered nearly 1,000 hacked up bodies and believe the massacre was carried out by supporters of the president. Laurent Gbagbo became the first “Democratically elected” president of Ivory Coast last year with 51%. Both Gbagbo and his opponent probably engaged in mass cheating. Gbagbo simply cheated better.

Africa’s top five worst regimes.

Zimbabwe – Brutal dictator Mugabe is in the final stages of expelling the remaining white people and seizing their farms. Recently five mass graves have been discovered, which are believed to be victims of the Mugabe regime. Six hundred and fifty bodies have already been exhumed from just one of the mass graves.

South Africa – The president is an admitted rapist. A leader of the ruling party, ANC, he has repeatedly ordered South Africa’s 3 million whites to leave or face mass murder. ANC loyalists carry out attacks, rapes, and murders against South African whites daily. ANC loyalists have also targeted illegal aliens from Zimbabwe for murder, believing they are disloyal to Zimbabwe dictator Mugabe.

Somalia – This country is a wasteland ruled by brutal warlords, who’s troops are largely paid in drugs. Somali pirates prey on international waters and have disrupted international trade in the region.

Congo – Warlords battle back and forth for the country’s mines. Once a mine is captured, local villagers are enslaved and forced to work the mine. Villages are routinely raided and residents are mass raped, tortured, mutilated, or killed. The country’s Batwa (Pygmy) people are being exterminated by militants engaging in cannibalism and/or using their body parts for magic talismans.

Ivory Coast – International Aid workers just discovered 1,000 hacked up bodies and believe militants loyal to the president carried out the massacre.

This is just the beginning. You’ve got Ivory Coast, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Niger, Uganda, Rwanda, and more. All of which make Libya look like a pretty pleasant place to live by comparison.