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Massive organized race attack on MARTA train.

Two dozen black teens stormed onto a MARTA train and then brutally beat the white passengers while the exits were locked.

If the races had been reversed this would be the biggest story in the world! The media would be screaming the race of the perpetrators and victims. Instead it is a tiny blurb where all of the most relevant information is being CENSORED.

The media is reporting two victims, but there is rumored to be more. A black witness, who was not attacked, told the local ABC station that two Delta airline employees were brutally beaten and that “there was blood everywhere.”

To get any real information we had to go to a minor urban newspaper. That paper still is censoring the race of the victims, but admits the attackers were black, and they were organized. The attackers purposely locked themselves in the train with the victims, so they could not escape.

The attackers chanted BFPL while carrying out the attack. BFPL is a new race based gang in Atlanta.

This video appeared on YouTube last year. In the video a group of black thugs, some with pants literally around their knees, rap about committing crime. They display piles of cash and a shiny new sports car.

[youtube 5b-ZugJLAzw]

If the races had been reversed, the international media would be talking about it non-stop and calling it the hate crime of the year. Since the media is censoring the story, it is up to you as readers to get this news out to the public!