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McDonalds hate crime perp is repeat offender!

One of the female thugs in the now infamous McDonalds hate crime beating video is a repeat offender. She was charged with beating two white women at the SAME McDonalds last year.

Judge refused to try case.

She was charged with attacking  two victims last year at the SAME McDonalds.

According to a police statement, Teonna Brown and accomplices allegedly viciously attacked a white mother and her 15 year old daughter at the same McDonalds one year ago. Brown had several other black female friends who chanted as they joined in on the attack. Brown started the attack without warning, by hitting the adult victim in the back.

The 38 year old mother and her daughter were beaten relentlessly. Brown should have been charged with racial hate crimes and locked away! Instead, Maryland Judge Norman R. Stone issued a “do not prosecute” order on her two assault charges. Brown was released back into society to continue terrorizing white women.

While this story has now been turned into a homosexual issue, there is no evidence that the perp even knew that the victim was a “transgendered” man. She saw her boyfriend approach and speak to a person she believed to be a white female. She went into a rage and attacked.

Photo From UK Daily Mail.