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Media CENSORS brutal racially motivated mob attack.

A white man was pulled out of his car by a mob of black thugs and severely beaten. The local media censored all mention of race.

See local news coverage.

From Carolina…

One of the depressingly predictable reactions of the news media is that if a group of whites beats up a black victim it’s automatically a hate crime and is major news, but if a group of blacks beats up a white victim, race is never mentioned in the story, if one even gets published at all.

The news broke on Monday of a man in Henderson who was pulled from his car and beaten after he hit a man who ran into the street in front of his car. Not one of the stories mentioned the race of the man pulled from the car or of the group that pulled him out and beat him. This alone was enough to raise the reader’s suspicions.

First off, if the driver had been black and the assailants white, this would have been written in the first paragraph of the story and it would have been telegraphed in some way in the headline.

The absence of any reference to race in these stories alerts the reader to a) the victim was also black, so race was not important, or b) the victim was indeed white and the assailants black, so political correctness had to be invoked and all race references excised from these stories.