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NBPP Guest of honor. What is the message?

The radical black Muslim group New Black Panther Party(NBPP) uses paramilitary uniforms and is often photographed in uniform with guns. The group preaches a theology that says “Allah will burn America with fire,” and “whites will be exterminated in North America.”

The group has announced a planned “Egyptian style” revolution on April 23th. The NBPP leader will be speaking at a rally in Harlem with notorious anti-white NYC city council member Charles Barron.

That is not all. NBPP leader Malik Shabazz boasts that the men from the high profile voter intimidation case will be there. Pundits on the right and the left say that NBPP members in Philadelphia committed the most blatant act of voter intimidation in decades. Yet the Obama controlled Justice Department refused to prosecute.

The message seems clear. Shabazz wants to start his “revolution” now lest Obama not be re-elected. He wants blacks to know that they have “friendlies” running the White House and Justice Department who are refusing to prosecute blacks for Federal crimes.

In the past Malik Shabazz has publicly laughed and joked about beating the voter intimidation charge.

Here is King Samir, the NBPP Leader for Philadelphia, who was the ringleader in the voter intimidation case. He was the guest of honor at the NBPP 2010 National Conference, where Malik Shabazz heaped praise on him for his actions.

[youtube 1kKgYeqgo8Y]

[youtube mw_RKFB1z9E]