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Obama "birth certificate" contains Adobe Illustrator editing data.

The Obama birth certificate was not “scanned” in by the White House. It was absolutely, positively created using Adobe Illustrator. The staff here at downloaded a copy directly from the White House and opened it with Adobe Illustrator.

Obama spent three years and $2 million in legal fees refusing to hand over a copy of a $15 birth certificate. Why? Now, after the “mainstream” media has been demonizing anyone who mentions the issue, Obama suddenly releases what he says is his birth certificate. Why did Obama hide it for so long. Also, Obama knows full well that even if he released a crude forgery, the media would declare it was real no matter what.

In short, Obama and the media have put the American public in a position where we can’t take anything at face value.

A few issues have come up with the birth certificate. First it is an Adobe *.pdf file. If you open it in Adobe’s editing software, you get Illustrator editing boxes and numerous “layers.”

For those who have never used Adobe Illustrator, a graphic is created using layers. A background image may be the first layer. A photo of a person may be the second layer on top of that. Some added text may be a third layer on top of that.

The birth certificate that the White House placed on their website for download is not a literal scan of a document. It was put together with Adobe Illustrator.

The “Non” in the word “None” was inserted into the rest of the document using Adobe Illustrator. The “AUG – 8 196” was inserted in the phrase “AUG – 8 196.” If you own a copy of Adobe Illustrator, you can easily verify this for yourself. If not, notice that in “1961” the “1” on the end looks different than the first “1.” Also the “1” on the end is far darker than the rest of the phrase. It can be very easily shown that the “196” and the “1” are part of two completely different Adobe Illustrator objects. This is true for both instances.

Also, the date at the bottom and the signature are separate Adobe Illustrator objects. The birth certificate is made up of numerous building blocks put together. The White House made no effort to conceal the fact that the document was created like this.

There are two other building blocks that show up, though we have not determined what they are there for yet.

[youtube EgVIei87oFo]