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Obama defiant over birth certificate.

Obama is still defiant over his birth certificate, claiming he won’t release it and says it won’t hurt his re-election bid.

Meanwhile the Arizona legislature just passed a bill that would require Obama to turn over his birth certificate in order to run for re-election. Click Here.

Obama has spent at least $2 million in legal fees to keep his birth certificate under lock and key. Why? Major Democrats are pleading for Obama to just release it, so the issue can be laid to rest.

Photo: This Indonesian document does list Obama’s birthplace as Hawaii. However it lists his citizenship as Indonesian, his religion as Muslim, and his surname as Soetoro.

Possible reason one: Obama’s grandmother, as well as foreign media, has previously reported that Obama was born in Mambosa, Kenya. In fact, Alan Keyes stated that Obama was born in Kenya during their US Senate debate and Obama did not deny it.

Obama has claimed over and over that he was born in Hawaii. A president must be a “naturally born citizen.” However, several CofCC members who are lawyers have reviewed this. They all feel that there is no way the US Supreme Court will deny Obama. The Supreme Court would simply rule that Obama meets the definition of a “natural born citizen” as set by the 1st session of Congress because his mother was a citizen.

However, it would still be very embarrassing for Obama.

Possible reason two: Obama may be identified as a citizen of a foreign nation. Obama was still claiming Indonesian citizenship and using an Indonesian passport while he was in college. Obama was caught lying about this during the last election, but the “mainstream” media mostly censored it.

Obama was legally adopted by his Indonesian step-father. Under Indonesian law, Obama was a legal citizen of Indonesia and not a citizen of the United States.

Possible Reason three: His birth certificate may contain his step-fathers’ surname. Obama’s biological father was a habitual drunk and a polygamist that abandoned him at birth. However, Obama has constructed a fantasy around his Negro father. He even wrote a fantastical book about his father, which has been completely debunked.

Yet, Obama’s legal name during his childhood was Soetoro, not Obama. He started using Obama when he got involved with “mentor” Frank Marshall Davis in Hawaii. Frank Davis was a Communist Party member, a leader in the radical “black power” movement, and a self-acknowledged pedophile. He taught young Barry Soetoro to play up his blackness to get into politics.

After spending his entire political career talking up his African father, it would be embarrassing if his birth certificate stated Soetoro instead of Obama.

Possible Reason Four: Obama’s birth certificate may list him as a Muslim. Obama constantly claims to be a Christian and not a Muslim. However, he has repeatedly scorned Christianity in public. The church he attended was not a conventional church, but a “Black Liberation Theology” church. They preach black advocacy, anti-white rhetoric, and left-wing/communist ideology. The church is political first and foremost. It is “Christian” second.

Both Obama’s biological father and adopted father were Muslims. He attended Muslim school as a child. However, Obama has gone to great lengths to downplay his Muslim upbringing. It would be embarrassing if his birth certificated stated “Muslim” on it.

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