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Racially motivated attack becomes big story because victim is "transgendered."

This story is the perfect example of why white people need to be organized politically. Every day in the United States, white people are victimized in brutal racially motivated attacks because of their race.

A female looking “transgendered” white victim was brutally attacked relentlessly by two raging black female teens in a McDonalds. The attack took place after a black male approached the victim. The black female girlfriend apparently  became infuriated thinking her boyfriend was sexually attracted to what she assumed was a white female. That female and an accomplice began a cruel and lengthy physical assault.

A black male employee video taped the assault and uploaded it to an infamous “hip hop” website that contains dozens of videotaped assaults on white people. While the story was picked up by Drudge, it never would have received major attention outside of that had it not been for the highly organized homosexual lobby.

The homosexual lobby is pushing for hate crime charges and has prompted major media coverage. Click Here.