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Racially motivated serial killer pleads guilty to seven slayings.

Photo from LA Times.

A black serial killer who raped and murdered as many as thirty white women is finally going to trial. Where is the media? Imagine if the races had been reversed? This would be the biggest story in America. There would be tv movies about it.

In fact, of the few articles about the case, most CENSOR all mention of race.

John Floyd Thomas Jr. is just the latest of several dozen major black serial killers who targeted white people out of racial hatred. None of them have ever been the subject of a major movie, and are rarely if ever mentioned in any media profiles of serial killers. The most censored serial killers of all time are California’s “Zebra Killers,” whom police say killed as many as 72 white victims. The Zebra Killers belonged to a Nation of Islam splinter group and competed with each other to see who could kill the most white people.