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Religion of Peace sets Nigeria ablaze.

The votes are in, a Christian was just elected president of Nigeria. That’s ok because Muslims are peaceful and want democracy and tolerance, right? WRONG! Muslims are rioting and setting buildings on fire.

International monitors say the election was “free,” at least by African standards.

So will the US start bombing Nigeria to protect Christian civilians? We are waiting. Once again, I’m reminded that Libya was one of the nicer places to live in Africa before the Sarkozy/Obama war against that nation.

From BBC…

The Red Cross says it believes many people have been killed in clashes with the police in northern areas of the country.

Homes of supporters of Mr Jonathan, a Christian from the oil-producing Niger Delta and the candidate of the governing People’s Democratic Party (PDP), were attacked in the cities of Kano and Kaduna.

The BBC’s Caroline Duffield, in the Nigerian capital Abuja, says General Buhari himself has yet to comment – but political pressure is growing on him to call for calm as well.

In a statement, Mr Jonathan said: “I have received with great sadness the news of sporadic unrest in some parts of the country which are not unconnected with last Saturday’s elections.

“I appeal to those involved to stop this unnecessary and avoidable conduct, more so at this point in time when a lot of sacrifice has been made by all the citizens of this great country in ensuring the conduct of free and fair elections.