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Saudi Royals threaten oil war over US intervention.

The latest casualty of Obama’s war in Libya is the US economy.

The Saudis have slashed oil output by 800k barrels a day, causing oil prices to surge to $112 a barrel. The Saudi royals issued a warning to the US not intervene in Saudi internal affairs as they have in other Arab countries.

This follows two weeks of fear mongering and manipulation by the oil industry to create a speculation fueled rise in oil prices.

Saudi leaders warned that they could drive oil to $200 or even $300 a barrel if the US does not back off and let them take care of their own domestic turmoil.

The US covertly aided anti-government rebels in Egypt and is fighting a war to help anti-government rebels in Libya. Meanwhile the totalitarian government of Saudi Arabia may in fact be much more oppressive than either Egypt or Libya.

Recently Saudi Arabia offered to take over the role of financing the Egyptian military, which would save US taxpayers $1.5 Billion a year. Obama turned the offer down. It is clear that Saudi Arabia wants the US government out of the business and out of the immediate area. The Saudis expressed shock that after years of loyal support, the Obama administration turned on Egyptian president Mubarak so easily. Clearly, the Saudi King sees the same thing happening to him.