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SPLC fighting to keep Jared Taylor from gainful employment.

The SPLC is an extreme left-wing fundraising hustle with a history of promoting censorship. They have also conducted campaigns aimed at getting people they don’t like fired from their job. In one case they spent a great deal of time agitating against a Florida company for having an employee who is married to someone the SPLC doesn’t like. The message was, not only should people they don’t like not be employed, but their wives should not be able to find employment either.

Now they are agitating against Jared Taylor. They are demanding that the US state department censor his work history as a Japanese translator and expert on Japanese culture. Taylor appeared on a website for the US embassy in Tokyo.

Within 48 hours the US State Department censored information about Jared Taylor on their website.

The American left-wing thrives on intimidation, censorship, and bullying. The SPLC is one of the biggest examples of all three.