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The great divide between Israeli and American Jews.

by Kyle Rogers

Recently there has been a great clamoring among major American Jewish organizations, and even the vice president of the World Jewish Congress, for American Jews to increase efforts to help illegal aliens get an amnesty in the US. Some Jewish publications are now admitting that America’s immigrants are dramatically less supportive of Israel than the average native born American, despite the pro-immigration efforts of American Jewish groups.

Vice president of the World Jewish Congress Rabbi Marc Schneider, along with the American Jewish Congress, the ADL, and others are calling for Jewish groups to increase their support of open borders and amnesty for illegal aliens. He claims that immigrants will recognize that Jewish people helped them and be more likely to support Israel in the future. Many Jewish groups advocated the same philosophy with black people during the “Civil Rights” movement.

I can not think of a faster way for American Jews to turn Americans against the Jewish community than by putting a Jewish face on the amnesty battle. Polls show that 75% of blacks, 65% of whites, and nearly half of legal Hispanics want illegal immigration stopped. Basically what Schneider, the ADL, the AJC, and others are saying is “let’s stand at the forefront of an issue that the majority of all Americans strongly oppose and is even detrimental to our own people’s interests.”

I can not think of anything more moronic than Schneider’s claim that Hispanics will remember that Jews helped them and help Jews in the future. During the American “Civil Rights” movement Jewish groups went all out to show that they were helping the blacks. They helped organized marches, they buses themselves to the south to participate in some of the most aggressive protests, they wrote speeches for black speakers, donated to “Civil Rights” organizations. What did it get them? Today all the militant black groups not only view Jewish people as part of their “white oppressors,” they actually single out Jews! They say Jews are the WORST of the “white oppressors.”

Already militant Latino groups in California are singling out Jews. We have even seen Latinos holding signs comparing themselves to the Palestinians at rallies! Not only that, but Islam is the fastest growing religion in Latin America.

Scheider seems to be on a quest to estrange the American Jewish community from the rest of Americans.
American Jews who do not want to witness the rapid deterioration of Jewish relations, as well as our nation itself, need to speak out against Scheider, the AJC, and the ADL. Scheider and his allies seem hell bent on making enemies out of their friends. Not a very good way to secure future American support for Israel.

Meanwhile in Israel we see a completely different story. Legal immigration from Africa has been halted, including the so-called “Ethiopian Jews.” Major Israeli leaders have declared that multiculturalism has failed and that Ethiopians are incompatible with the rest of the nation. Ethiopians are given free long term birth control injections, which Al-Jazeera claims has dramatically reduced their birthrates.

Israel is building a state of the art security fence along it’s border with Egypt and uses a heavy hand against illegal aliens. One member of the Israeli parliament recently called illegal immigration “demographic warfare” and advocated the use of “sniper teams” on the border.

Here we see 150 Israelis marching through a neighborhood full of Africans demanding the deportation of illegals!

Tell Scheider, the AJC, and the ADL to go preach open borders and amnesty in their own country! See what their cousins in Israeli have to say about the politics of suicide.

[youtube 8n-y24SzbCY]