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US government goes all out against former lesbian in custody case.

Is this really just an effort by the Obama administration, the media, and liberal activist judges to promote “homosexual marriage?”

In 2009, a judge retaliated against a former lesbian by ordering her to turn over her biological daughter to a former lesbian partner. The woman had become a Christian and renounced homosexuality. She did not want her former lesbian partner to influence her daughter. The two had been in a Vermont “civil union.” The woman fled with her daughter to Mexico and Nicaragua.

Everyday, vicious violent criminals move back and forth across the Mexican border. The US government doesn’t stop it and does little to go after violent criminals hiding out in Mexico. Apparently some “criminals” justify more attention than others. The US government seems to be putting a major effort into making sure that a lesbian has access to a girl she is not even related to. At least one person has been charged as an accomplice and the media is using it as an opportunity to attack several Christian organizations connected to the woman.

The US government, media, and courts seem to be interested in the case to promote the idea of “homosexual marriage.”

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