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Washington Post: Egyptian "freedom fighters" really are radical Muslims.

Strong support for radical Islam, including Taliban style fundamentalism.

According to a large poll in Egypt, 31% support fundamentalist Islam, while only 30% said they are opposed to it. However, 75% said they support the radical Muslim brotherhood. The brotherhood was largely behind the upheaval in Egypt that Obama and Hillary are supporting.

62% of Egyptians want Sharia law!

Even among the 30% who said they oppose fundamentalist Islam, 47% still said they want Sharia law.

Strong desire to annul treaty with Israel.

54% of Egyptians want to annul its treaty with Israel. This is something that only has been telling you. One of the major grievances that the Egyptian rioters had with their government was the long standing treaty with Israel. The “mainstream” media has not been reporting this. Once again was months ahead of the mainstream media on this issue.

Only 36% of Egyptians want to continue treaty with Israel.

Egyptians don’t like United States.

80% of Egyptians have an unfavorable view of the United States.

64% of Egyptians said they don’t like Obama, even though Obama supported the recent revolution. Obama is almost as unpopular as former president Mubarak.

The former regime in Egypt aggressively fought Jihadists. They even warned the Bush administration that Al-Qaeda was planning a quadruple hijacking in the US. (Which the administration appears to have completely ignored.)

The next regime could be an outright sponsor of Jihad.

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