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We told you so! Egypt opens Gaza Strip border, normalizes relations with Iran.

Once again was months ahead of the curve. We told you that one of the chief reasons for the “revolution” in Egypt was anger over the Egyptian treaty with Israel. We told you that the current US backed regime would be replaced with a radical Muslim regime and the “Middle East Peace process” would be sent back decades.

So far the Hillary & Obama backed “democracy” advocates are attacking Christians in the streets, calling for Sharia law, have re-opened the border with Gaza Strip, and have normalized relations with Iran. The move follows reconciliations talks between Hamas and Fatah, which were hosted by Egypt. Hamas is classified as a “terrorist” organization by the United States and Britain.

Now Obama & Hillary are bombing Libya to aid radical Muslims, some of whom are actual Al-Qaeda members, take control of that nation.

Soon Egypt will go from aggressively blocking the Israel/Egypt border to turning a blind eye as every Jihadist in North Africa makes their way for the Palestinian territories.

From UK Telegraph…

The decision comes as Egypt seeks to chart a new foreign policy course, in the wake of the uprising that saw the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak, that could strain its warm relationship with the United States and its ties with Israel.

Israeli officials have already expressed dismay over Egypt’s decision to restore full democratic relations with Iran for the first time since the revolution that overthrew the Shah in 1979.

The unease has grown after an opinion poll released earlier this month showed that 53 per cent of Egyptians supported the annulment of the country’s peace treaty with Israel, seen as vital linchpin of stability in the Middle East.

“We are troubled by the developments in Egypt, by the voices calling to annul the peace treaty, by the rapprochement between Egypt and Iran and by the upgrading of relations between Egypt and Hamas,” an Israeli government official told reporters.

“These developments potentially have strategic implications for Israel’s national security.”