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Were Barack & Michelle both unqualified affirmative action law students?

Isn’t it odd that BOTH Barack and Michelle voluntarily gave up their law licenses, and the “mainstream” media is censoring this? A Law license is extremely hard to get. People do not just surrender them unless they are trying to avoid disbarment hearings. Michelle Obama surrendered hers after only a few years of practicing law.

Michelle’s thesis paper is available online. It is a crudely written angry diatribe attacking black college students who “act white.” She even invents new words for her thesis. Clearly the left-wing professors at Princeton were just condescending to her because she is black.

Barack Obama successfully removed every single copy of his thesis paper from the public eye before running for president. Investigators have come up empty handed even after a $10,000 reward was offered for a copy!

[youtube IJ5koZXqDt8]