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White tax payers shelling it out for black students!

It is well documented that the average white person pays far more in taxes than the average black person. This is especially true when it comes to property taxes that pay for public schools. Consider that blacks are around five times more likely to be living in subsidized housing.

Now some have erroneously been led to believe that since blacks pay less property tax, majority black public schools have less money. WRONG!!!!!!

In the past has examined state studies in Missouri, Mississippi, and Illinois that demonstrate that more money is spent on black students than white students. In other words, whites are paying for white children plus extra for blacks to get a more expensive education than their own white children receive.

There probably isn’t a state in the union that this is more true than in Missouri. In Kansas City and St. Louis, poor black children are receiving over double the per pupil expenditure that poor white children in the Ozarks receive! Black schools in St. Louis and Kansas City have been graced with Olympic sized swimming pools, lavish arts and music departments, and extra sports. All in a vain effort to raise black test scores. Guess what? The poor white children receiving dramatically less money are still outperforming the poor black children which are attending the state’s most lavish schools at the white taxpayer’s expense.

Now, data retrieved from United States Department of Education confirms that black public school students are receiving more public money for their education in every region of the country. Just look at this analysis written by the Heritage Foundation.

The classic left-wing claim of a disparity in spending on black education is not only false, but the exact opposite is true. The mission statement of the NAACP claims that it is fighting for equity in school funding. That means the NAACP should be in the streets marching for white children!