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Why not bomb Mugabe?

Photo from MSNBC.

If we are really bombing Libya to “protect civilians,” why aren’t we bombing other nations that have committed offenses far worse?

In a list of the most brutal governments on the African continent, Libya wouldn’t even make the top 5! The absolute worst is probably Zimbabwe, yet the western media goes out of its way to avoid reporting anything about it.

640+ victim mass grave found in Zimbabwe!

A pro-Mugabe group “discovered” the mass grave of 640 and counting Zimbabweans in an old mine shaft. They immediately announced that they discovered victims of a massacre by “racist” white colonial forces over thirty years ago.

The move was designed to strengthen Mugabe’s popularity ahead of the upcoming election. Not that the election really matters. Mugabe loyalists engage in mass ballot stuffing and use violence to keep areas most hostile to Mugabe from voting.

The “find” was supposed to remind people of how evil the white man was, and how Mugabe liberated them from the white man’s evil clutches.

The claim was immediately debunked by international monitors, because many of the bodies are still fresh.

The Mugabe regime issued a bulletin inviting people to visit the site and witness “the horrors inflicted on us by the white man.” One journalist said people at the site were “dancing to appease the spirits,” and vowing to kill the remaining white people in the country.

Mugabe’s Minister of Black Empowerment (yes, this is his real title) immediately ordered that no DNA tests would be performed on the victims. Instead he announced that witchcraft will be used to identify the remains. (yes, we are serious!)

According to the pro-Mugabe group, this is only one of five abandoned mine shafts known to contain bodies!