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American Jewish groups hurting Israel by supporting open borders in the US.

American Jewish groups still pushing open borders and amnesty even as Latinos turn their nose up at Israel.
by Kyle Rogers

Several groups that identify themselves as “Jewish organizations,” such as the ADL and the AJC, have been at the forefront of promoting open borders and amnesty in the United States. This has seemed to intensify over the past few years, even as Israel has halted non-Jewish immigrations and taken dramatic action to stop the flow of illegal aliens into their own nation.

In California, militant Latino groups have been seen openly comparing themselves to Palestinians and call both America and Israel “racist, Apartheid states.”

Now the vice president of the World Jewish Congress says that Latinos hold much less favorable views of Israel than white Americans. They admit that the rapidly rising Latino population now threatens the future of American support for Israel. They fall short of admitting that American Jewish groups have been at the forefront of creating this problem for themselves.

Rather than take a more conservative stand on immigration, many American Jewish groups seem to think that the answer is to be even more pro Amnesty and open borders so Latinos will like them. (Because this worked so well with black people during the Civil Rights era?)

From Ynet…

When asked about US policies in support of Israel, 46% of the Latinos said America was “too supportive” reflecting a 5 to 2 ratio to those who felt it was not supportive enough. Fifty-six percent of the Jewish respondents, on the other hand, believe the US is not sufficiently supportive; a 4 to 1 ratio over those who felt it was too supportive. “These findings are a wake-up call to both communities and highlight the importance of this conference taking place in San Antonio,” said Rabbi Schneier. “We need to understand how real anti-Semitism is within the Latino community and how we can counter it as well as find more effective ways to communicate the value of Israel to bolster Latino empathy for the Jewish state.

“This is truer than ever as Latinos now number more than 50 million in the US. One out of every six Americans is Latino. It therefore behooves the Jewish community to reach out and foster an alliance with this significant ethnic group.”

The survey, commissioned by the FFEU, found both American Jews and Latinos perceive anti-Semitism within the Latino community. Fifty-eight percent of Jews believe such bias exists, and 46% of the Latinos concur.