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1,000 "youths" battle each other on Carson Beach.

And by “youths” they mean Negroes.

Photo from : After being dispersed from the beaches, mobs reformed and battled each other at train stations.

Police believe that criminal street gangs are organizing mobs of teenagers, using social media sites, to descend on Carson Beach. The mobs terrorize families and tourists and fight with each other. If you look at media photographs, you can clearly see that they are talking about young blacks. “Youth” is one of several code words used when the media is talking about black crime.

Police say the mobs have been present three of the past four nights.

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Memorial Day weekend saw large scale mobs of young blacks terrorizing families and tourists in at least seven cities across the nation. Much of the details can be read on this website below.

Myrtle Beach, SC (Beaches and surrounding area)
Carson Beach, MA (Beaches, train stations)
Miami, FL (Beaches)
Charlotte, NC (Downtown)
Nashville, TN (Water Park)
Long Beach, NY (Beaches and surrounding area)
Chicago, IL (Beaches)

Historically, black crime increases as the weather gets warmer. Every indication points to this being a very bad summer for black crime and riots.