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White Teachers File Discrimination Suit in Philadelphia

From NJ CofCC

On Tuesday May 10, 2011 four White elementary school teachers at Thomas Mifflin Elementary School in Philadelphia, PA filed federal race-bias lawsuits that accuse the former black principal of creating a hostile work environment for them and making accusations that they were unqualified to teach black students because of their race.

The lawsuit demands a relatively low amount of money, $150,000, for each of the four White teachers and states that the black principal, Charles Ray III, used his authority to create a hostile environment for the White teachers by holding them to performance standards that blacks where not held to.

According to the suit, “Charles Ray III consistently stated that he had a relationship with top school officials indicating that his conduct was part of an approved policy or was part of a pattern of practices sanctioned and supported by ‘higher authority’”.

He is also accused of harassing and intimidating the White teachers in an attempt to force them to leave the school by forcing them to read denigrating reports and articles stating “White teachers do not have the ability to teach African American students” and publicly reprimanding them in the presence of their black colleagues and the parents of the students. This is a faint echo of arguments made by the Wilkes-Barre, PA NAACP spokesman Ron Felton in his attempts to force an increase of black teachers into employment in that school district.

The suit also claims that the black principal Charles Ray III had taken retaliatory actions against the White teachers with the assistance of a black supervising teacher, Shirl A. Ishmael, at the school when they tried to file official grievances through the teachers union. The White teachers also claim that Shirl A. Ishmael was given official access to their employment records to use as a tool to further harass and intimidate them.

Shirl A. Ismael, the school district, and the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers have all been named as codefendants in the suit with Charles Ray III.

The Thomas Mifflin Elementary school is located in a predominately White and relatively wealthy section of East Falls Philadelphia that former PA Governor Ed Rendell and former US Senator Arlen Spector call home. Despite the community’s ethic make up and affluence, the students at the school are predominately black and poor because of efforts to homogenize the schools in an effort to make them ‘racially balanced’. As a result the, majority of the wealthy White population, since it has the means and common sense, send their children to private schools.

The school is no newcomer to anti-White discrimination. Four years ago, the White principal was forced out of her job due to complaints of insensitivity to the needs of the black students.

The School District is taking a cautious and prudent path in these matters by stating, “The District’s goal is to maintain an atmosphere of equality for all, and allegations of discrimination, on any basis, are taken seriously”.

Closely behind the actual alleged discrimination, the most troubling aspect of this case is the fact that is receiving almost no press coverage whatsoever. Very few mentions are made anywhere on this matter, except on a local basis. It is not showing up as a front page headline in any of the major websites or online news aggregators. Compare this to the incident a few years ago where a private Philadelphia swim club barred some black youth from their facility due to complaints about behavior; it became a national front page story for days with the media generating sympathy for the portrayed victims of White bigotry. This same scenario with a White principal and black teachers would generate outrage, demands for ludicrous compensation, and termination of jobs.

In today’s downward spiraling and increasing hostile-to-Whites society, an ever increasing number of White people in all socio-economic strata are coming to identify the reality that many of us have known for a long time: Racial discrimination against White’s is 1) Widespread, 2) Increasing, and 3) Encouraged.

The men and women of the New Jersey/Pennsylvania CofCC are dedicated to ensuring that such blatant discrimination and outright attacks on White people and their rights do not go unnoticed and unanswered. Since our government and the mainstream media will not take up any issue in an honest and fair manner when it comes to racial bias and discrimination against White people, we must undertake the task to disseminate information and lead the way to effect change in hearts and minds of our communities to effectively halt and reverse the trend of promoting the betterment of non-whites at the expense of our people.