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300 Muslim immigrants hold pro-Al Qaeda march in London

About 300 Muslims held a parade to chant pro Al-Qaeda and anti-USA slogans. The parade route went from a “Muslim Cultural Center” to the US embassy in London. They also held a “mock” funeral for Osama Bin Laden. The march was timed to coincide with an inquest concerning the 7/7 Muslim terrorist attacks in England. The inquest was taking place down the street from the parade.

[youtube jNtpxc–RMY]

Much of the British media censored the event. However, a group of white Englishmen who showed up to counter protest were called “extremists” by the radical left-wing London Express. See article.

Muslim immigrants target Prince Harry. A video posted online encourages Muslims to commit violence against Prince Harry. The video calls him a “nazi” and a “crusader.”

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