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Affirmative action hiring practices has left the TSA with an army of thieves.

Due to extreme “affirmative action” (aka blatant institutional discrimination against white people), a TSA employee is over twice as likely as a private sector employee to be black. He is also 30% more likely to be Latino.

Meanwhile the TSA is the laughing stock of the entire world. Over 500 TSA employees have been fired for stealing from airline passengers.


THAT’S WHAT HAPPENED to hundreds of passengers whose bags was screened by Pythias Brown at Newark International. For a year +, he would swipe 2-3 valuable items per week from passenger luggage and sell them on eBay for cheap, making a total of $400,000.

Brown was caught and jailed in 2009, but the problem is much bigger than him. Since the creation of the TSA after 9/11, somewhere around 500 employees have been fired for baggage theft, with JFK, LaGuardia, and Newark seeing the largest numbers.

Laptops, cameras, jewelry, cash — with the TSA’s broad authority to open and search any bag they see fit, there aren’t many barriers to theft for someone who’s set on it. And, with the low starting pay, minimal chance for advancement, and reportedly awful morale (how would you feel if the public taglined your agency “Protecting you from yesterday, tomorrow”?), it seems a lot of people were/are set on it.