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"Athletes" allegedly sexually assault 15 year old at public pool.

And by “high school athletes,” the media means “Negroes.” In fact, take a look at these mug shots. Do any of these guys look like they were held back a few years? One of them is listed by police as being 19!

The media routinely tries to censor black crime. In fact, has published confessions by editors of both the LA Times and the New York Times admitting to censoring black crime. Euphemisms like “youths,” “teens,” “basketball players,” etc. are often used when reporting on crimes committed by blacks.

This brutal hate crime occurred at a public pool in Pflugerville, Texas. The thugs allegedly watched her leave the swimming pool and then attacked her in the women’s shower.

The four suspects have been charged with felonies and have been moved to a disciplinary school.

It’s lucky for the victim that she doesn’t live in Silsbee, TX. School officials there would have placed the suspects back on the football team and ordered the victim to cheer for them.