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Black Apocalypse: 39% of Michigan blacks on food stamps.

From Occidental Dissent…

Total African-Americans in Michigan: 1,405,515

Total African-Americans in Michigan on EBT Cards: 546,135

Total African-Americans in Michigan on EBT Cards: 39 percent.

Discussion Questions:

(1) How much do blacks in Michigan pay in taxes? How underrepresented are blacks among Michigan taxpayers? What is the “disparate benefit” of black privilege in Michigan?

(2) How much White taxpayer money is spent annually to sustain 39 percent of black people in Michigan with EBT cards?

(3) How many black people in Michigan who are not on EBT cards work in the government-diversity complex?

(4) What is the real black unemployment rate in Michigan? In 2009, 26 percent of black males were officially unemployed in Michigan?

(5) What is the black contribution to violent crime and the underground drug economy in Michigan?

(5) What is racial breakdown in per pupil spending in Michigan schools?

(6) What is the opportunity cost to White taxpayers of this absurd level of malinvestment in the black community?

(7) How is the Michigan political system distorted by sustaining 39 percent of the black population – which votes over 90 percent Democrat – with EBT cards?