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Censored History: Abraham Lincoln was almost murdered by black men at age 19.

At the age of 19, Abraham Lincoln was nearly killed by a wolf pack of Negro thugs along the Mississippi River.

This is from one of Lincoln’s biographers…

When he was nineteen, still residing in Indiana, he made his first trip upon a flat-boat to New-Orleans. He was a hired hand merely; and he and a son of the owner, without other assistance, made the trip. The nature of part of the cargo-load, as it was called – made it necessary for them to linger and trade along the Sugar coast – and one night they were attacked by seven Negroes with intent to kill and rob them. They were hurt some in the melee, but succeeded in driving the Negroes from the boat, and then “cut cable” “weighed anchor” and left.

Perhaps this is why Lincoln was adamant that freed slaves should be resettled back to Africa.