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Cheerleader ordered to cheer for her own rapist. Now ordered to pay school $45k!

Photo: Rakheem Bolton

First a white cheerleader reports a brutal sexual attack by three black teenage boys at a party. They trapped her in an isolated  room and attacked. Other teens heard the entire ordeal as they fought to get the door open. Her story is backed by hard evidence and numerous witnesses.

The ringleader Rakheem Bolton, who also threatened to murder the victim’s mother in front of numerous witnesses, was not even slapped on the wrist. His charges were reduced to misdemeanor assault and he was given community service. The local public high school then ordered the victim to cheer the name “Rakheem” at basketball games.

She refused and was immediately kicked off the cheerleading team. Her family sued. Now a judge has ruled against her and ordered her to pay $45,000 for school legal defenses.

This story highlights the real racial persecution going on in the United States. Every effort is made to trivialize and excuse the brutal crimes committed by blacks. This white victim is being persecuted because no one wants to confront black on white crime.

Can you imagine if the races were reversed? This would be the biggest news story in the entire world. The media would be screaming about it night and day. There would be mass marches led by elected officials to condemn the school and the courts.

White teens must know that if they fraternize with black teens it is extremely likely that they will become a victim of a violent assault. They should also know that the courts, the media, and the schools will defend their black attacker.

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