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CofCC Council Reporter newsletter mailed today.

Each spring the CofCC mails out a survey to all members to gauge how members feel about various current issues. All CofCC members should expect to receive their newsletter and survey within days. The newsletter will also contain important details on how to sign up for the next CofCC national conference.

The next national conference will be held in North Carolina the second weekend in June. It will start with a national board meeting Friday morning, followed by speeches in the afternoon and early evening. A live band will perform Friday evening. More speeches will begin Saturday morning, including a special luncheon with Jared Taylor.

The CofCC also recently printed business cards and postcards to promote Business cards are 50 for $4.50 (postage paid). You can order some by paypal.

CofCC Business Cards

To order some by credit card, please call 636-940-8474.