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DC to re-introduce Batwoman as a lesbian.

DC Comics is continuing its war on American family values, targeting children with left-wing ideology in its comic books.

DC is planning to re-introduce Batwoman as a lesbian. The purpose of the comic is to make lesbianism look “cool” to America’s youth.

From UK Daily Mail…

She first swung into action 50 years ago, helping her boyfriend Batman rid Gotham City of villains until she was killed off in 1979.

Now Batwoman is making a comeback – but in a guise which may cause the Caped Crusader to raise an eyebrow behind his mask.

The female superhero is returning to comic book life as a red-haired, crime-fighting lesbian.

Billed as a ‘lesbian socialite by night and a crime-fighter by later in the night’, she replaces Batman, who was himself killed off in a recent issue of Detective Comics, the publication which introduced him to the world back in 1937.

Batwoman – the alter ego of Kathy Kane – is clad in a figure-hugging black outfit and knee-high red stiletto boots. She is the comic’s first openly gay superhero.

She is Detective Comics first openly gay superhero and will stalk the means streets of Gotham City from June.

Writer Greg Rucka said the introduction of a gay character was ‘long overdue’.

‘We have been waiting to unlock her,’ he told the Comic Book Resources website. ‘Yes, she’s a lesbian. She’s also a redhead.