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Detroit stores selling crack pipes.

Glass tubes used to smoke crack are being disguised as novelty items and sold at stores all over Detroit. Much of the sales are conducted at immigrant owned convenience stores and gas stations.

Michigan police are issuing tickets to stores for selling these thinly veiled crack pipes. Police say stores that sell them draw crack heads to the area like zombies hunting for brains.

Crack is routinely sold in urban areas, especially where there are large numbers of blacks. It is cocaine mixed with baking soda, and intended to give the user “more bang for the buck.” Baking soda frees the cocaine molecule from its hydrochloride molecule allowing for faster abortion by the human brain. However, highly toxic adulterants are also often added to decrease costs.

Crack has extremely detrimental physiological and psychological effects. Crack users, as well as meth users, can often be recognized by the rapid zombie-like deterioration of their facial features.

While comedians like to make jokes about crackheads, they are no laughing matter in real life. Any police department will tell you that crackheads routinely engage in rampant thievery and low cost prostitution to support their habits.

Photo: To non-crack heads this just looks like a really stupid novelty item. A crappy looking tiny fake rose in a glass tube. To a crack head, however, it is a pipe. Ask the local Indian or Pakistani shop keeper and there is a good chance they have some.

Read article from CBS Detroit.