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Fans shocked over apparent racially motivated NBA playoff fouls.

Two black LA Lakers were ejected from an NBA game over what fans are calling vicious intentional fouls. Both “fouls” were committed by black players against star white players, the Dallas Mavericks.

The Mavericks have the whitest starting line up in NBA and have now beaten the Lakers four times in a row in the NBA playoffs.

It is well recognized that the NBA has cultivated a black racial image. However the image of black invincibility in basketball was shattered when the whitest team in the NCAA won March madness last year. Black sports fans vented their anger online and even major black sports commentators got angry and called the tournament unfair. The same thing happened several years ago when three majority white teams beat America’s all black Olympic team.

From ESPN…

DALLAS — If a deficit of more than 30 points in Game 4 of the Western Conference finals wasn’t ugly enough for the Los Angeles Lakers, things got even uglier in the fourth quarter when two Lakers players were ejected for hits made against the Dallas Mavericks.

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Lamar Odom was whistled for a flagrant-2 foul for setting an illegal screen on a blind-sided Dirk Nowitzki with 9:06 remaining in the fourth and the Lakers trailing 94-68.

Not long after, after the Mavs lead had grown to 100-68, Andrew Bynum was also thrown out of the game for a flagrant foul 2 for spearing an airborne J.J. Barea in the ribs with 8:21 remaining in the fourth when Barea was driving in the lane.

Bynum removed his jersey as he walked off the court and through a tunnel to the vistor’s locker room at American Airlines Center.

After Bynum’s foul, a fan threw a plastic water bottle on the court, causing the public address announcer to warn that any objects thrown on the court will result in ejection from the arena.

The Mavericks completed the four-game sweep of the defending champions, winning 122-86.